Why are we named "The House of Pain"?

Back in the Mid 1990's a young man would walk by my house at 11:00 am each day. One day I was working out in my garage and he stopped in the middle of the street and asked, " Hey mister can I work out with you". I asked the young man to come into the garage and asked him why he walked passed my house at 11:00 am every day to which he replied, I have nothing better to do. I asked how old he was, he said, 15 1/2 going to be 16 sir. I asked why he wasn't in school, he replied, I don't go to school, it bores me.

I asked where his mom was, he said he didn't know because she left him 5 years ago. I asked where his dad was, he said at home drunk and if he went home he would get beaten. I then asked where he lived, he pointed west, that was the railroad yard. I asked if he slept in the railroad car, he said yes until they kick me out. I told him he could workout with me if he did three things:

1. Get a high school diploma

2. Get reunited with his family and

3. Get clean.

All of which I told him I could and would help him achieve, but never did I think he would take me up on the offer and more so never did I think he would complete. Boy did he prove me wrong. He proved everyone wrong.


He worked out with me for three years, achieved all three tasks, and one day before going to Junior College he walked into the garage and handed me a plastic bag to which I opened and pulled out a sign he had hand made. I asked why he made this sign, he said, “It's my gift to you, you never asked me for anything, but gave me everything, so, I wanted to give you something back.” The sign read “Vincent Mini's House of Pain” and the Pain was in Red. I asked why the name and why in red, to which he followed up by saying he wanted to show the pain he went through to get his life back on track.


I took the sign, hung it up in the garage and told him if the day ever came and I could open my own facility I would name the facility after his sign with the commitment to make a difference in people’s lives and that's exactly what I did and will continue to do. I have been advised to change the name as it may intimidate people or send the wrong message, but I will always keep my word to this man and I will always keep my promise to make a difference in the lives of those I am blessed to be a part of.


Hence, Mini's House of Pain was born.


Yours in strength,

Vincent J. Mini, SFG II, FMS 2, USAW1

Owner Mini's House of Pain S & C