Maria Beringuel



I grew up in Sacramento and wanted to be a doctor growing up. I realized that it wasn’t really what I wanted but what I felt others wanted for me. I left home at 19 and went to the other side of the country. I spent 3 years in Florida trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted. I wound up getting an A.S. Degree in Information Technology & Software Applications but I decided I didn’t like working on computers all the time.


Life brought me back to California in 2004, had 2 boys by the time I was 25, and finally married the love of my life in 2008. I have spent most of the last 14 years as a Stay At Home Mom. In the process of getting back in shape after kids, I found a love for Fitness. I started running in 2011 and have run over 50 races with 4 Marathons and a 50k. While I trained and learned how to become a better runner, I quickly learned the importance of strength training. I stepped into the weight room for the first time in 2014. I shifted my focus to becoming stronger not just skinnier.


I became fascinated with Fitness and started learning as much as I could. I also looked for other moms to connect with and found No Excuse Moms, a nonprofit dedicated to providing Free workouts to moms. I volunteered to start a group in the Bay Area and hosted workouts at a local park with my boys.I met some amazing women who inspired me to be more involved. A local mom who’s husband owned a Taekwondo studio reached out to me to help teach fitness classes for their adult students.


I decided to take the leap and do it. I taught Cardio Kickboxing, strength training, and HIIT classes for 2 years. My husband’s job would bring us to El Dorado Hills in 2017. I wasn’t sure that I would go back to being a fitness instructor but I took on the responsibility of Regional Manager for NEM to help others start their own groups. I help and support women lead their communities in CA, AZ, HI, and NV. I became an ACE certified PT in 2018 to become a better instructor.


I met Vince after trying out a workout at Mini’s House of Pain. My husband mentioned I was a trainer and asked if he was looking for a new one. I had a meeting with Vince the next day and he offered me an internship to help me learn how to be a strength and conditioning coach. I have tried many different workouts and have been part of different gyms. There is nothing like MHOP and no one like Vince.


He genuinely cares and wants to help people. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn from him and the other amazing coaches. I have learned so much in the time I have been here and I love being a part of people’s journeys to better themselves.